*HIGH VIBE* Amethyst Clusters
*HIGH VIBE* Amethyst Clusters

*HIGH VIBE* Amethyst Clusters

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Select a gorgeous, shimmering Amethyst cluster for your collection to incorporate peace and protection throughout your personal space. These *High Vibe* pieces can help calm the mind and balance emotions, along with assistance in many other areas, such as:

• sleep problems (insomnia, nightmares, etc.)

• migraines

• increased intuition

• boosting immunity 

• addictions and healing 


Small/Medium Sized Pieces are approximately 1-1.5” in length.

Medium/Large Pieced are approximately 2-2.5” in length. 


*Info card included with your order. Size and color variations of each crystal cluster will vary per order, as no two are the same. 

*Please note that these crystals and any information provided are not intended to replace medical advise, nor cure/treat any medical condition(s). Individual experiences vary. 

*HIGH VIBE* Amethyst Clusters