What Are We Doing Here?

If your life hasn’t been obnoxiously chaotic in some way, PLEASE tell me how you did it!

Just kidding - if that’s the case, you probably wouldn’t have even found yourself here. 

…Hey, I’m Andrea! 👋🏼

I thrive on helping people achieve balance and contentment in their lives - using several different modalities, tailored to each individual. I’m a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner, but that is just one of the many hats I wear. (What is the Emotion Code?)

If you had known me long ago, you would have seen a completely different version of this “Andrea”. You would have seen a girl struggling to find purpose and projecting negativity onto everyone around her. You would have likely seen or heard just how badly she didn’t want to continue on in this lifetime. She saw zero possibility of a positive outcome, and no matter how much support or kindness she was shown…she rejected it all. 

I was ultimately hopeless.

I didn’t think things could ever get better for me.

I truly thought I’d NEVER be happy.

I watched bad things happen to me - one thing after another. Maybe I was unlucky? Or cursed? Either way, nothing ever worked out in my favor. 

I believed I’d be stuck within the current circumstances and emotions that I was experiencing, and felt incapable of taking control of my life …and of myself. 

Does this sound like you right now?
…If so, I may be able to help. 

9 years ago, I ended up at my “rock bottom” and have spent the years since learning how to utilize the bricks that used to hold me down, to instead build the life and mindset I truly desire. Now I’m here to help you navigate your own journey as well. Whether you’re currently at rock bottom or simply looking to bring more peace into your reality, know that you’ve got options.

Within this platform, I’ve compiled the main tools and practices that have helped me in some way with my own transformation. I have poured great study, training, passion, and intent into each of these areas, as they’ve personally impacted my life. Some of which may have the potential to shift your frequency and help align you with the next level version of yourself. 

But first, let’s get brutally honest.

Anything you seek outside of yourself will only work to the extent of your belief and effort. Nothing will change your life unless you believe your life can be changed. If you’re not at the point of wanting to change or willing to make small, consistent efforts - you most likely will not see sustainable changes or significant transformation. (This is coming from someone who thought life circumstances and feelings could NEVER possibly improve, so if you’re feeling like nothing will ever help you - I GET it. And I can imagine how frustrated you may feel right now.) If this is you currently and you’re not ready to face your shadow, that’s ok. I’ll be here when you’re ready. 

If you are serious about learning how to take control of your life in a way that’s tailored to you, I hope you stick around. (Honestly, I hope you stick around anyway - there’s lots to see. OH! …and if you love anything sparkly, you’re DEFINITELY in the right spot!)

What you’ll find here:

…private 1:1 sessions to help you release trapped emotions / energies from the physical body + other session options available that help bring awareness to what’s holding you back. Together we will create a roadmap towards getting you “unstuck”. 

…a habit tracking journal and a shadow work journal - both designed to help you track your progress, improve your mindset, and further your personal growth. 

…an abundant selection of healing crystals - including sets for beginners if you’re new to this whole “crystal thing”. 

…custom made cosmetics that help you shine outward in the ways that you choose. You decide what colors, scents, etc. you’d like in your products. Everything is made fresh to order! 

Whoa, that was a lot! I bet you have questions!! Email me: HIGHVIBEINTUITION@gmail.com 

Much love to you! Hope to see you back soon. 🤍