Glam Beauty Sample Set

Glam Beauty Sample Set

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Looking to try something new, but not ready to commit to an entire palette or full size item?

Treat yourself to this larger bundle of glamorous goodies! Indulge in an assortment of cosmetics that will help you sparkle inside and out!

This set includes:

• 2 full size eyeshadows

• 2 mini lipglosses

• 3 healing crystals (with info cards)


Eyeshadow Options:

Neutral: browns, nudes, tans, or lighter colors

Bold: purples, blues, grays, blacks, or richer colors

Surprise Me”: receive 2 best sellers chosen at random

One Of Each: receive one neutral and one bold shade


Lipgloss Options:

Light: *Auralite*, *Citrine*, *Diamond*, or *Opal* from the *ABUNDANCE* Lipgloss Collection 

Dark*Amethyst*, *Sunstone*, or *Tiger Eye* from the *ABUNDANCE* Lipgloss Collection

Surprise Me”: receive 2 best sellers chosen at random

 One Of Each: receive one light and one dark shade

Healing crystals will be intuitively chosen for each order! (Will include info cards for each stone, along with care instructions).